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International youth football tournament

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International Youth Football Tournament


Saku Spring 2019 is an international youth football tournament, which is held on March and April in Saku, Estonia.

In all the age groups up to 70 teams are invited to take part in the tournament with clubs from Estonia, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and elsewhere expected to participate.

Saku Spring is one of the two annual tournaments organised by local football club Saku Sporting, the second tournament will be held in autumn and called Saku Cup. Saku Sporting was founded in 2005 and has now over 300 youth players in their training groups.

Saku Spring will be held for the first time in 2016, but tournament organizers have many years of experience running tournaments like Hillar Otto Memorial and Tartu Santos Cup in Tartu as well as Tallinn and Saaremaa Cup in the last decade.

The organisers’ objective is to offer all the participants an enjoyable, memorable football experience and a useful preparation for the upcoming season.

Age group Number of players Playtime Ball Tournament dates
Boys 2004 11v11 2×20 5 22.–24.03.2019
Boys 2005 11v11 2×20 5 29.–31.03.2019
Boys 2006 8v8 2×20 4 05.–07.04.2019
Boys 2007 8v8 2×20 4 05.–07.04.2019
Boys 2008 8v8 2×20 4 12.–14.04.2019
Boys 2009 7v7 2×20 4 12.–14.04.2019
Girls 2005/2006 8v8 2×20 4 19.–21.04.2019
Girls 2007/2008 7v7 2×20 4 20.–21.04.2019
Boys 2011 5v5 2×12 3 27.04.2019
Boys 2012 5v5 2×12 3 28.04.2019

Matches will be played on Saku stadium artificial grass. Saku is a small borough in Harju County, Estonia, located 8km south from Tallinn, the capital. Saku is the biggest small borough in Estonia and it is the administrative centre of Saku Parish.

Saku is most known by Saku Brewery which is one of two biggest breweries in Estonia.

Saku Manor traces its history back to 1463. The current manor house was built in 1825–1830 in a neoclassical style, and is possibly designed by the renowned St. Petersburg architect Carlo Rossi. It is one of the finest examples, perhaps the finest, of a neoclassical manor house in Estonia.

Tournament program

Arrival of the foreign teams, finnish teams can take the morning ferry. Matches start at 12.00, but foreign teams first match can be arranged from 14.00. Group stage matches.

Group stage matches continue, placing matches in the second part of the day.

Final placing matches for all the participating teams Award ceremony at 13.30. Departure of the foreign teams.


Erki Kade
Phone: +372 53 804 057

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