I FIFA Laws of the Game

The international youth football tournament Saku Spring 2020 shall follow the international laws of the game provided by FIFA.
NB! If there are conflicting claims in the FIFA rules and in the Saku Spring 2020 rules and regulations, the tournament guide shall apply.

II Size of the team and duration of the match

Age group
Number of players
Tournament dates
Boys 2005
Saku artificial grass
Boys 2006
Saku artificial grass
Boys 2008
Saku artificial grass
Boys 2009
Saku artificial grass

III Use of older players in the tournament

In age group 2005 and 2006 it is allowed to use up to 3 older players in one team, who have been born later than 1 August the prior year.

In age group 2008 and 2009 it is allowed to use up to 2 older players in one team, who have been born later than 1 August the prior year.

For example: In the age group 2005, it is allowed to three older players in one team, who have been born later than 1.08.2004.

IV Players participating in several teams

During the youth football tournament Saku Spring 2020, it is not allowed for the players to play in more than one age group in the same weekend. If this rule is ignored, the player will be disqualified from the tournament and the game of the violating team will be cancelled. The result -/+ will be noted in the tournament chart and this means that the other team has won.

V Stadium

Saku Spring 2020 matches will be held in Saku and Tallinn, matches of the tournament will be played on Saku and Sõle stadium artificial turf.

NB! Tournament organizers reserve the right to make changes in the time schedules during the tournament!

VI Tournament system

Saku Spring 2020 is divided into two phases: subgroup tournaments and play-offs.
In the subgroup tournaments, the teams are divided into subgroups of 4-6 teams, where all teams will play against each other once. In the matches held during the subgroup tournament, a victory gives each team 3 points, a draw game 1 point and loss 0 points.

If some teams get equal scores in subgroups, the final ranking will be decided according to:

  1. match between each other
  2. overall goal difference
  3. number of goals
  4. disciplinary actions
    1. abandoned matches, cancellation of results
    2. red cards
    3. yellow cards
  5. drawing lots

All places in the Saku Spring 2020 tournament will be determined in the play-off system. The playoff system for each age group will be announced by the organizers one week before the tournament begins.

VII Penalties

During the playoff and final match, if the match ends with a draw after the end of match time, the teams have to start shooting penalties immediately. There will be no extra time during the tournament matches.

The number of penalties in each age group:

  • Boys in age groups 2006, 2008, 2009, – 3 penalties
  • Boys in age group 2005 – 5 penalties

VIII Protest

A protest is directed against the validity of the result of the match. A protest has to be based on that whether the player has right to participate or not, on serious violation of the rules by the referee or on some other incident that affected the result of the match.

The protest must be submitted in writing by a team representative (a person who has been designated on the registration form as team leader) no later than 30 minutes after the end of the protested match.
A general protest against the whole opposing team is not acceptable.
Protest against the yellow or red card or against the removal of player from the field after the referee has showed two cards, is only allowed if referee made a mistake against the corresponding player.
Protest processing fee is 75 EUR. This amount will be refunded if the protest is successful.

IX Jury

The possible disagreements and protests will be solved by a three-member jury. The jury includes the head referee and two head organizers of the tournament.
NB! Jury’s final decision cannot be appealed!

X Referees

All the referees are accepted by the Estonian Football Association or the head referee of the tournament.

XI Defaulters

If on the football field there is not at least 7 players (age groups 2005, 2006) or 5 players (age groups 2008, 2009) then in 5 minutes after the start of official match time, a +/- loss will be entered into the tournament table.

XII Awards

The teams having won the first, second and third place in age groups 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 will be awarded with trophies and medals.

XIII Medicine/medical aid

The organizers of Saku Spring 2020 football tournament will not take any responsibility for injuries, which happen during the football tournament. Teams have an obligation to ensure that all trauma situations will be resolved.
If possible, the football tournament organizers will assist with their medical skills.

XIV Warnings and removals

A player removed from the field will be disqualified for the next match held Saku Spring 2020 tournament.
NB! The referee, who serves the match, has the right to demand harsher punishment for the disqualified player. The referee must submit a written application to the tournament head referee, who makes the final decision. The decision of the head referee is final and cannot be appealed.
The decision will be notified to the team representative specified on the registration form.

XV Recognition of fair play

For the recognition of fair play it is recommended that players shake hands with the opposing players and referee right after the line-up (before the match starts) and after the final whistle.

XVI Warranty

By participation in Saku Spring 2020 football tournament, the team confirms being aware of all the rules of the tournament.

XVII Balls used in matches

All the balls used during the Saku Spring 2020 have a marking “FIFA APPROVED” or “FIFA INSPECTED”.

XVIII Registration of the team

When arriving to the tournament, all the teams have to submit the completed registration form to the tournament organizers before their first competitive match. If possible, the signed registration form can be e-mailed to

The players not listed on the registration form cannot participate. Teams are not allowed to add more players to the registration form during the tournament.

XIX Start of the match and its accompanying rules

The team has to be on the match field 5 minutes before the match starts.
If the uniforms of both teams are in the same colour, the team who has been listed as the second team has to change shirts or wear vests.
Vests are guaranteed by the tournament organizer.
Team size in age group 2005, 2006 – 20 players
Team size in age groups 2008, 2009 – 16 players

XX State of emergency, tournament management

The jury of the tournament has right to make changes in match times and locations, if it is necessary and an inevitable event requires it!

NB! Tournament organizers are not responsible for the event of theft during the tournament!

Erki Kade
Saku Cup

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