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Boys 2018 (14.04)

Tournament info

Playtime: 1x20
Players on the pitch: 4v4
Ball size: 3
Tournament date: 14.04.2024
Location: Saku artificial turf


FC Tallinn -----:---
FC Ararat Red-----:--
Paide LM-----:---
Saku Sporting -----:---
FC Ararat Blue-----:---
JK Tallinna Kalev-----:---
FC Tallinn II-----:---
114:001JK Tallinna Kalev - Saku Sporting-:-
214:002FC Tallinn II - Paide LM-:-
314:003FC Tallinn - FC Ararat Red-:-
414:301FC Ararat Red - Paide LM-:-
514:302FC Tallinn - Saku Sporting-:-
614:303FC Tallinn II - FC Ararat Blue-:-
715:001FC Ararat Blue - JK Tallinna Kalev-:-
815:002Saku Sporting - FC Tallinn II-:-
915:003Paide LM - FC Tallinn-:-
1015:301FC Ararat Red - FC Tallinn II-:-
1115:302Paide LM - JK Tallinna Kalev -:-
1215:303Saku Sporting - FC Ararat Blue -:-
1316:001FC Ararat Blue - FC Tallinn-:-
1416:002JK Tallinna Kalev - FC Ararat Red-:-
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